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Deep House

Deep House is known for complex melody, use of unrelated chromatic chords underlying most sequences, and a soul, ambient, or lounge vibe to the vocals (if any).

Soulful House

Soulful House is split across the world with popular hot spots being Chicago, New York, London, Brazil, Melbourne and South Africa.   The demographic is predominantly people in their late 20s upwards, with many liking the sound as reminiscent of what they grew up with in the 70s and 80s

Afro House

In simple terms it is basically Afrobeats mixed with House music , atmospheric sounds that take  you on a journey. The Afrobeat side to this genre just adds a little bit more rhythms with the bass, guitars and crazy beating of the drum. Reminiscent of my original cultural heritage growing up of  stereotypical American based Classic Hip-Hop,R&B Soul, New Jack Swing and so on.


Nu jazz is a genre of contemporary electronic music. The term was coined in the late 1990s to refer to music that blends jazz elements with other musical styles, such as funksoulelectronic dance music, and free improvisation.